Monday, January 22, 2007

A friend just shared this recent incident with me, last wkend. This happend to her friend who is staying in States.

It was winter season.. After a nice set of home cooked dinner, *Nina* & her husband played with their kids for awhile before tucking them to bed. They have 3 beautiful kids, eldest being 10yo , the second one is 8 yo & the youngest just turned 3 . It was a nite to she'll never forget. *Nina* sat near the fireplace with her husband and they talked abt life and family. The husband then brought up the topic of them going for Hajj in the near future. At the rate he is going, *Nina* was kinda surprised, but obviously delighted and agreed to his suggestions. They spend that cozy nite together, having conversations of their lifetime ! Little that she knew , that would be the last nite with him.

The next morning, the husband when to the gym for his usual work-out, collapsed and he was pronounced dead minutes later. The caused of the death, probably heart attack.! :( Suddenly , *Nina*'s world turned so bleak and in total darkness. She felt great sense of lost. Her dreams ..her hopes...just shattered !

All alone in a land so far away fm families with 3 young kids , a home maker with no source of income...i can imagine the weight on her shoulders. Fortunately, the Muslim communitees there, are quite helpful and showed much concern abt her situations. But still................her life will never be the same again.

Thou, i dont know her, I pray that she'll have the strength to carry on living her life with her kids ,to the fullest. It's easier said than done...cos, i myself , cant imagine how life would be w/o my love ones. It is the hardest thing to swallow...but that's the fact of life, that we all gonna face it , one day.

Death is inevitable, and, whether willingly or unwillingly, everyone will enter the grave . It's just when or how , one has to leave this world , that is still the mysterious work of God.
Not a minute longer can a person live, other than the time determined for him. Death is pre-destined!

Truely, death may catch up with us at any time. Who knows, perhaps this is the moment. Or, it may be much closer than we have ever expected. Seriously, Im so not prepared. ! Wat amal will I bring with me, to face my Creator. ! :(

For sure, all i know...i wont die as a virgin...LOL !


Aishah said...
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Mrs Beki said...

I feel so sad upon reading your post....tapi yg last part tu gua tak boleh tahan!!! LOL!!!

Ko jgn mimpi nak die as a virgin!!

nor said...

mrs beki,

tak orang tak kita kan...kena tinggal laki that will never come back......., very kehilanggan gitu :(

Al Sayf said...

For sure, all i know...i wont die as a virgin...LOL !

That's really sad to hear sis. :(

Oops! I cut and paste the wrong sentence.