Wednesday, January 24, 2007

From my room windows, i could see my little daughter, standing at the school foyer with her peers, waiting for the school bus to bring them to Changi Airport . The school is adapting some kind of Learning Journey programmes .

Then, i saw her walking with her pink sweater..(bcos, mom said airport is cold,u know) over her school unifom, with her bag sling ... climbing up the yellow bus. I smiled and had a little chuckled to myself. So cute.. my baby has grown so much.......i said silently & prayed for her safety.

Motherhood has filled me with joy and not forgetting the never ending challenges . I reckon it's the toughest job available. Being a stay-at-home-mom for several years now, i do face a certain expectations fm the society. Since my hubby wears the pants ...some ppl thot that im left here , wearing the couch **duhh**

My memory has somewat taken a toll on me. Ive becoming very forgetful , i guess this is the case of sleep deprived , stress or the impact of having to learn so much new information in short amount of time = read: homework = tests = exams !!

Mothehood or Parenthood on the whole, can be pretty funny looking at lighter side of raising children ...(if i go on the heavy side, probably i'll get brain damaged..hahaha..just kidding)

What is actually, right and wat is the wrong things to do as far as parenting is concern. The rules of parenting , can be a little unclear,eh . Even after reading numerous books...i still find it's hard applying the tips or strategies given. At time or many a times, the come-sit-let's-talk-nicely........just dont work , i tell ya !! **evil grin**

Alright, all parent make mistakes ...i have my fair share too. Lucky thing im no celebrities.
I remember Michael Jackson dangled his toddler in his hotel balcony , while the late Steve Irwin, held his baby on one hand while feeding the crocodiles. If you're a celebrity, you're constantly in the limelight and your mistakes are magnified.

I thot Michael shouldnt have done that, even if he's proven, in his concerts and music videos, that he is rather good at grabbing things that dangle.

Anyhowz, i try to make effort to be a mirror to my kids. I failed many times..but im not giving up. In an achievement-oriented culture, we may focus more on grades and sports victories than on values of the heart. I try to take the time to acknowledge kind actions as having true worth, fm the kids. Im still weaving the spiritual as well as worldly examples...dun tink it will ever end..(cos, i stop weaving when Prison Break or any reality tv shows start..hahaha)

Well, Being a parent is just like a 24 hours emergency alert. Sometimes, I wonder how can I survive till my kids are all grown up. Some days, i simply feel grossly inadequate and didn't have clue in the world of what to do next..hahaha

So, Enjoy your motherhood...while stock last...even on your hay-wired days..!! :)


mummy jam said...

enjoy motherhood while they still need you,once they are grown up we moms just need to learn to take a step back and let this is the most hardest thing to do!!

nor said...


u are absolutely right. ;)

Us Angels said...

hmmm... cant personally relate to this post of yours. but i must say it's pretty interesting!

takecare and may u enjoy the rest of your day :)


nor said...

us angels,

when your time comes, you'll u'stand wat im trying to say...hehehe

Al Sayf said...

I thot Michael shouldnt have done that, even if he's proven, in his concerts and music videos, that he is rather good at grabbing things that dangle.

From today onwards, I will no longer read your blog when my son is close by. Please keep this blog family-friendly. Come on! You need to be a lot more responsible than this! X-rated contents should be made private!! >(