Monday, January 29, 2007

I had an early start this morning..woke up around 5am, had my sahur.. just a cup of MUST have coffee (to chase away the monstrous migraine) and few slices of cakes. Today is the 10th of Muharram and it only sunnah to fast during this day..Day of 'Ashura'..(9th ,10th Muharram)

There are many hadiths that mention its blessings and virtues. It is good to fast on this day, although it is not obligatory.

Someone, called me "conservative" ...just because im all "covered up" not at all bothered.
I dun wish to elaborate on this each his own.

Im finishing Kite Runner , soon. Im gonna miss the characters in it.

Im getting my dad to get me Sami Yusuf cd......but he said ,the one he has in the shop is not the original ones...haizzz, gotta wait.

My son is having his English test today...pray he'll do well. Insya allah.

I have to run to the near by supermarket after tis....gotta get some groceries. Well, i really dunno wat im scribbling here today...must be the Monday blues....hmmmmm ;)

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