Monday, January 8, 2007

Im quite settled with this blog (well actually)..cos, i dun want it to be too fancy. Simplicity is still my choice. This is an excuse alright, cos, im either too lazy for fancy settings or im just too crever to create a fancy one...LOL

So, why i choose my blog title as such...hmmm, let me see.. maybe it's bcos, im either running out of time, not enuf time or chasing time. I wish i have more time for everything. Time is a traveller indeed. Once it's gone, you'll never be able to get it back. Time is precious ,u know!

Where did it go ? Time that is...from the time i was born, 1969 (u now know my age...!) till tis period, 2007 !! That's really a lot to time,huh . Those time has left , but it didnt leave me empty handed. It has left me with a gift of beautiful memories, that i can keep in my heart for safe keeping and cherish ,forever and ever.

Time has also thought me to be a person of wat i am now. Not only time has changed, i reckon, i have changed too..(hopefully for better)..hehe

To change things sound easy, but to make changes needs lots of courage. So, wat changes, have i actually made in myself.?

Story coming update ;)


BQ said...

assalamualaikum sis!

Reading your blog makes me REALLY miss you! So long no see. 8)

asydin said...

cepat bukak cerita!!!

Lynna said...

cerita about the "new " you lah....

sal said...

Oh, I see that you're an old timer. Thanks for the visit.

Keep blogging.