Friday, January 5, 2007

Salaams to all...............

It's a blog alrite..yeah, im starting a blog (again). I used to blog wayyyy back in the Jurrassic era , when T-blog was or izzit still the "IN" thing. Somehow, i quit blogging for some reasons , but never stop being a blog-hopper, a blog lurker or ...a blog troll of some sort. I enjoy (still) reading other's blog & looking at some of the pictures posted on theirs.

Anyhow, Im not good at writing to begin , plus the constant writer's blocked , just puts off the whole blogging thingy. Im worried that too much writing (for my case), doesnt do wat it supposed to communicate *duh* (does this sound rite..hmmm)

So, a little intro abt the person behind the Traveller Of Time..

A SAHM* mending 2 little kiddos* all by myself , while the other half goes to work *across the country.
Im a great procastinator and this has been going on like forever ..not even any new year resolution could help. Im such a boring person **yawn** that love dancing and music.
Retail therapy has always been my fave past time.. ;) , the very recent damage was done few weeks back while holidaying in the neighbouring country. It didnt help much that they were having The Mega SALE !!

Alrite, just that for now..tune in to more in the upcoming updates. !

*not so little actually


Mrs Beki said...

Keep on writing beb!!! Wa caya sama lu.....!

Lynna said...

found you !!

wellcome back to blogging hehehe

mummy jam said...

welcome back!!

asydin said...

steady ahh fren!!! Finally moved to blogspot ahh . Penat aku pujuk ko dulu :P

ms mumbles said... here you are...;)

alrite Diva..write on!! ;P