Friday, April 9, 2010

I bumped into an old friend yesterday, and
she commented that i have this radiance and glow kinda look...hahaha

We bumped in the market yo... so i figured, my face glowed
whenever i see fresh fish and vegetables there..haha

Honestly, i was in my sooo unglam mode, so probably either
she has corked eyes or she need to change her specs.

Anyhoww, we managed to catch up a little bit while doing
the marketing ... yeah,things women do best ... multitasking.

During the short coversation we had, i noticed , all
she did was complaining abt her life ...and ironically
she lived in a big house , two beautiful kids, good husband
and has a helper...i so dont u'stand the whining......

On a serious note ,

Life is not just about G/L/O/R/Y .

It's about ........

B/A/L/A/N/C/E and R/E/S/P/O/N/S/I/B/I/L/I/T/Y .

I used to wake up on the wrong side of the bed, but
now, all i do is to just switch to the other side.

Sometimes, when we thought that happiness is something or
somewhere else , we tend to forget that bliss is actually just
in front of us .

Happy mood y'all it's the weekends ......

Have a Blessed Friday !


washi said...

i love your attitude...i make a conscious effort everyday to firstly thank Allah t'Ala for everything i have, and then to be happy and hopefully spead some around

NoR said...


hope u are doing good :)