Monday, April 12, 2010

Last Saturday was partayyy time and was fun !

OOoops! it's partayy no-no.
It's Faithhub social gathering at our good friends,
bro M and sis Syl condo function hall.

Almost those who came were new faces , and they
attended our Talks at Masjid Sultan, the previous months.

Since we didnt know them , we, the warm people of Faithhub heheh:P
mingled around and make our bros and sisters as comfortable
as possible.

The ice breaker session was enlightening and informal
setting made it easy for everyone .

I was buzy mingling hence only managed to take few shots.

Surprise! the warm people celebrated our (advanced) birthdays too.. :)

some familiar faces, Haja, Yussof(safiah's hubby) ,Safiah, Syl and friend.

our brothers ......

some of the sisters ....

At the end of the session, we were glad they enjoyed themselves
very much as much as we did.

It's our pleasure ..... :)

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