Wednesday, April 28, 2010

"kArmA Is FoR The BoDy Or FoR ThE SouL "

Death is a separation of the soul from the body.

As i entered the living room last nite, there she was laying peacefully
wrapped in her beautiful red wedding sari only baring the face.

The whole atmosphere was sombre and solemn...only
the sound of OM prayers were heard and kaffir lime
scented jossticks were burnt.

My mom in law, who was alright when she was in the car
with us...cried uncontrollably at the deceased when we arrived
at the house. It's like watching a Tamil movie.
It was my first to see her like dat and
it was also my first to attend a Hindu wake/funeral.

There's a little commotion earlier ... as relatives
wanted the body to be cremated...while the hubby and son
prefered to do burial.Alas,the immediate family has the final say.

Karma and rebirth is a great pillar in Hinduism. They also
believe life is one never ending process, the only thing that
changed is the environment and the embodiment. I really dunno
how this work .

This afnn, the burial rites will take place. I wont be attending
because kids will be back frm school etc.

After battling for years of cancer, aunty Vasugee finally
rest her soul in peace .

surah Al-Kafirun "The Unbelievers"

" Say: O unbelievers,
I serve not what you serve,

nor do you serve what I serve,
nor shall I serve what you are serving,

nor shall you be serving what I serve.
To you your religion, and to me my religion."

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