Monday, May 3, 2010

In my last post , i blogged abt the passing on of hubby's aunt.

This is going to be another post abt another death in the family.

Just last Friday, as we were getting ready for our Tafsir class,
hubby received a call from his mom , citing that his, grandma
was in serious condition.

As this has happend many times, i thot i would be another
false alarm..minutes later we received another call from
my MiL telling us..patti (grandma) is dead.

Patti died at aunt Devagi's house in Sembawang.
So, hubby and myself, tagging the kids along , skipped
our class and rushed to the house.

We fetched my eldest sis in law and kids .. reached
the house around 9.15pm. I walked in to the room
where patti's body laid on the bed . Her mouth was opened as
if she was gasping for her last breathe.
*i would not describe futher*

Patti has 6 daughters ... my MiL is the fourth. That night,
they decided to send the body for embalmed..cos,
the funerals will only take place the next evening .. Saturday.

Aunt Leela, the second daughter came around 10plus..minutes
before the body being taken away by the casket people for embalment.

When the body has been carried away,we helped to clear the house, bringing
down all the photos frames, pictures on the wall,table n chairs ..
leaving the house as bare as possible, as a sign of mourning.

We came backhome around 1am...bathe..washed the clothes n slept. *tired*

Next day is the funeral ..........

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