Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Yday clad in our new Indian suits , we whisked our way to my mom-in law's place.
We were the first family to arrived and minutes later , my sis-in law's family and then the next and the next of the cousins and aunties.

Food were briyani , tosei... i was so mutton and chicken masala overloaded the whole of yday. **burps**

4 cars in towed and later down to 3 , we visited 6 houses altogether. It was kinda "loud and noisy" fun thou , as for the kids .....they get along well with thier paternal cousins and of cos, got more $$ !! :P

This morning, I saw what my daughter using the calculator to calculate her "takings" ..haha

We got home late........ almost midnite. We were shacked and tired from all the merry makings , so today, i decided to let the kids skipped skool. Exams over,mah . ;)

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