Monday, July 23, 2007

I really had nothing to blog abt lately.
My days are filled with same ol' routine everyday.
Im not complaining thou.

Anyway, the weekends were quite fulfilling. Quality time spent with family n friends.

I had a great converstations with a certain someone y'day.
We talked abt so many things and we shared views on certain issues.
Interesting i would say.
These kinda topics and conversations , always interest me.
It makes me realise, think, ponder & analyse.

"How time flies......." that's wat we often said abt the swift passage of our lives.

Life is too short for us, to deliberately pass by the opportunities for joy and enrichment that come our way. It is tragic that some have to miss so many of the good things of this world.

Life is too short to neglect friendships. We are still given the time to strengthen and making relationship with others. Like the saying goes.."a stranger tdy , a brother/sister tmrw".

It's still never too late to do good to others. The least we could do is saying kind words and put smile on someone's face. :) For attractive lips, speak words of kindness.
then, as you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself, the other for helping others .

Im glad that im able at least render my tiny help by delivering those "Weekly Inspirations from the Quran" books ,to those brothers/sisters whom has made orders. Indirectly, i am able to meet them personally and hope for a lasting friendship.

Let's began to treasure simple things that life could offer . For me , there's nothing sweeter than sleeping with my kids and feeling their breath on my cheeks. :)


Prinsassy said...

Salam sis! Hehe. Im ok sis. Not to worry. The words on ur latest blog make me go WOW!! (It's still never too late to do good to others. The least we could do is saying kind words and put smile on someone's face)

Can i cut n paste the words on my blog?? PLS!! Its really meaningful to ME!!

nor said...


glad u OK :)
oh yes,u can cutnpaste ;)

Ummi's BLOG said...

v true indeed..
i find that many of us r caught up with work and earning $$ that we just let time pass by us without getting it fulfilled...
im one such person these day...
if only, i cud be u kak? ( hmm.. dont know if thats a gd thing to say..)

my fav moment is sleeping beside my boy and smelling his sweaty hair..

nor said...

hehhee..sweaty hair,,bau bau masam of our kids..we'll miss that soon, so better make the best of it now..hehee

Noor Ain Mas'id said...

i agreed totally on wat u jus said..
n yes life is definitely too precious to let it slip by jus like that..
anyways sis..da trlanjur me kat sini insya'allah we meet next week can??
this week me too busy..

nor said...


alrite,we make a date next wk,insya allah...just text meok ;)