Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The kids are getting really excited abt their upcoming birthdays.
It's scary to think how they have grown really fast.
It seems like just y'day, i was nursing them , having sore nipples and going thru all the sleepless nites.

Parenting is a challenge itself.
Everytime, when the kids graduated from crawling to walking to running and so on, i'll somehow have a mixture of feelings...happiness and sadness . I tink those feeling are normal, for us parents... no?

I cant stop their physical growth, but im trying & hope to carved their emotional and social growth. There's too much society and peer pressure out there...**shudder**

I know its normal for kids to want to explore on their own and have a sense of independence.
I have to accept as the kids grow, they need to leave the nest and test the waters outside their own world...Yikes !!!

As much as i want to spent my life planning for the the future of my kids, reality strikes me that i really cant plan much far ahead of time, as i dont know wat the future will hold .
The kids might just have different plans for their life.
Of course i want to have the best for my kids & see them being successful in watever they are doing....maybe all i could do now is just prepare for their future. Teach them values, respecting others , helping them making the right choices & .................lists continue.

My kids are the light of my life !
They are partly the caused of my wrinkles and my thinning hair !
BUT, they can caused my worst day , turned into the most wonderful ones. !


my-boudoir said...

salam nor,
check my blog, you've been tagged by me :)

nor said...

alrite, sis, i do it after i come back fm the wkends im having brain freeze..hehehe