Thursday, July 5, 2007

Someone asked me , after being a Stay-At-Home-Mom for a period of time, what is/are my fave house chores.?
I was like.........geez, there's never any fave house chores for me. I hate doing housechores..but i dun have a choice, do i ?

Well, i dun really mind running the vacuum,cos, it helps me suck up all those dropping of hairs on the wonder my hair is thinning lately. I dun mind cooking, but i dun like the cleaning part, lucky thing i only cook small portion and not like big pots and pans.

Putting the clothes in the washing machine and then line them up in the pole to dry, i dun mind doing it either................but NOT the FOLDING part.........Urrgghh. Absolutely HATE that !

Then she went on asking me, so how do u relax when at home ?

Relax ? wat's that ? my house is so full of continuous activity whenever the kids are around. Things slowed down and noise free only when they are in school. However, i do have and need my "ME" time, either i go out w my best fren or just being alone and do my own stuff...i'll go insane if i dont have that.!


zammy yammy said...

i love cooking and hate the cleaning part too...especially when frying is in the picture. hate it hate it hate it! i have my 'me' time by sending aisyah to my mum...hehe. win-win situation. my mum gets to play with her cucu...i get my 'me' time. :D

nor said...

zammy yammy,
pandaii eh, anak mak..kekeke

c ya soon!