Monday, July 30, 2007

I wanted to write abt my day spent at Ritz Carlton ,last Saturday, watching the preview of the National Day parade from my 18th floor hotel room . It was right at the smack of the whole
view of Marina Bay ! I wanted to write abt how awesome the fireworks that nite... and all those celebrations preview thingy.....(too bad i didnt bring my digicam..duhh)

But, this morning, as i flipped thru pages of the the Straits Times, i saw an articles that kinda of upset me. I thought this topic was really important for a bunch of reasons.

"She has three kids, and one on the way "
.......the ITE dropout has had three children out of wedlock and is seven months pregnant with her fourth .

" A high price to pay to be 'cool' "
...... They planned to marry , but when she was six month pregnant, she found out he was cheating on her. They broke up.

" Boyfriend pressured her for sex, then left "
.......She gave in when her then boyfriend pressured her to have sex. He denied the child was his and left her.

Those are just some snippets from the articles. The awakening issues of unwed Malay mothers..
Disturbing...sad...worrying...scary................. is this one of the Signs ??

Latest statistic shows 248, or half of the 495 newborns registered w/o a father's name last year, had Malay moms.

Who's to be blame ??

Whatever happend to sex educations ?
Is sex education about knowing the anatomy and physiology of human body, or about the act of sex, or about reproduction and family life, or about prevention of sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy? Is giving sex education equal to giving permission of engaging in sex?

Do children need sex education?

After all, for thousands of years men and women are having sex without any formal education, eh ?
With so much of exposure from every corner.........i reckon at this present time and moral education are necessary !

With regards to the questions who should impart sex education, I believe everyone has to play his or her role. The parent as a whole have to assume a more responsible role....that's me!me!me! Tough , i know. But sex is never a dirty word, aye !

We all know that it is forbidden for Muslim to have sex outside marriage. One is encourage to fast to control urges. However, intimacy and sex do play a part in a marriage , u know ! Yes !
Ok la, basically, if u want to have sex....go get married ! No?


Ummi's BLOG said...

this issue really bugs me sis.. think of the children who grow up in broken homes and bad habits and deprive of a loving family environment..
May God show them all to the right path..

rheA said...

sis nor..all we can do is to guide our kids to the right path, with the help from the Almighty Allah swt..Once we've done our part, we have to tawakkal that the children remember what we have nurtured them with..

nor said...

ummi & rhea

May we all and our kids be the righteous servants to ALLAH.

zammy yammy said...

these people are not just kids who are deprived of a loving family environment or come from a broken home...some just simply do it because they can. it's scary.

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