Thursday, August 2, 2007

Conversations that strike me to the chord, few nites ago.........

Retributions ...Karma. Do u believe ?

" What goes around , comes around , wat goes up , must come down" lyrics from Alicia Keys song, Karma

Anyway, our friend, RF , was telling us, how he recalled, that he had to pay one of his late uncle's dawter , just to look after her own father. !! Ridiculous u might say !

" It's a retributions " ..RF said.

Story goes like this :
When his late uncle was very young, he had a blind mother. His late uncle used to hide things from his mother and would stand or sat one corner laffing away, while watching his blind mom painstakingly groping around looking for things that he had hidden.
It became a habit, for his late uncle to "entertain" himself , in such a way.

To cut the long story short....
many weeks and months and moons went by , his blind mom tolerance just couldnt take it anymore ! She had had enuf of his nonsense !

" One day, you will be blind, too ! " said his late uncle's mom repeatedly , with so much angst in her.

Years gone by, the son got married, had family and soon , he became old and weak. Slowly his sights began to deteriorate. He suffered from cataract. He's almost half blind.

Thru out his ailing period , all his children shunned him (not too sure how many he had)...except for the one that RF paid to look after .

I thot this happend in movie or somting, but , NO, it does happen in real life actually.
According to some ppl , a mother's word/cursed (sumpahan in Malay) is very strong... watever and whenever she is angry, it's best to do istighfar or walk away fm the situation, cos, we wont know wat an angry person would utter , in this case a mom to her kid/s. Some said, watever the mother utter (good or bad) can be like a dua'a to the child .

As a mother, i know, sometimes, i just couldnt control my words to my kids when im angry...this is really bad. Ive done so much wrong , this incident , went right up to my heart. I felt like a such a bad mom when im mad !
Oh! ALLAH please guide me & give me the strenght i need. Amin

In all , we shld honour our parents...our mom (and dad). We are so indebted to them , particularly our mother . She not only nourished us in the womb , but she went thru lots of pain and sufferings too. She loves us, even before we were born...and we all know , that a mother's status is 3 times, after Allah and Rasul..masy'allah, that's how honoured her status is.

Let's pray to ALLAH that we would be respectful, kind and obedient to our parents. Amin.


Anonymous said...

Salaam Sis/ Nor,/
\ruzanna/ here. /back /at/

anyway, reading /ur/ entry/ reminds/ me /of /what/ ive/ been/ thinking /about /lately./ and /that/ is /karma./ i/ admit/ im /no /saint/ and /ive /done/ alot /that caused/ so /much/ hurt/ to/ the/ people/ around/ me. sometime /back, /i /told /myself /that/ i/ will/ change/ and /ive/ been /feeling /so/ regretful/ and /ashamed /of /my /wrongdoings.\
then, /i /thought/ of /karma. /i /wonder/ if, /despite/ my/ repentance/ n/ everything, /will /i/ still /have /it/ all/ coming/ back/ to /slap/ me /right/ in /the /face./ scary~/ sigh.\
sorry/ for /the/ long /winded/ comment./ heeex.
\takecare /sis.\
may /Allah /love /& /protect /you /always.

nor said...


welcome back ! miss ya !

we are all no saint,we all do sins..dun worry much OK, ALLAH is the most merciful and most compassionate..always ask HIM to guide us to be he righteous servants. Insya allah. :)