Monday, August 24, 2009

Last Saturday, i bumped into my old neighbour and her 2 sweet looking teenage girls at the mosque.

Masya allah, she still looked the same and she said i look very much like my mom...haha
So we hugged and talked a little bit.

Since i was very young, i always looked up and admired her , especially on her brilliantness and wittiness. I told myself i wanted to be like her when i grow up.

Academically she came fm an elite girl's school in the east and proceed with her tertiary level...but my brain kaput halfway , hence im not able to go that high...hahaha

Spiritually , she's in good formed too. Ever since she got married and have children ..(5, all girls), up till now, she has been giving tuitions and teach the quran at the comfort of her home.
All her girls studied in Madrasahs and no doubt all are doing very well...(must be the

She told me, her eldest daughter is studying Syria now, and will be getting married soon.

She came fm a very good family background and all her siblings are very successful in their own ways.

She is still the same soft spoken , down to earth Kak Aton, that ive known. We wanted to talk more, but time didnt permit us. Im really so glad to meet her after those ages ...... :)


Ummi's Blog said...

Salaams Sis...

Ohh Masya'allah...I know Kak Safiaton n her 5 daughters...super nice and Alim lady..I love her!! Nice to know that you know her too.

Huggs...and Have a blessed Ramadhan.

Anonymous said...

Salam kak! Is it nice doing terawih at kg siglap?? :)


Anonymous said...

Salam kak! Is it nice doing terawih at kg siglap?? :)


nor said...


seriously..what a small world. !! Masya allah..

how are u related to her. ?

she's really super woman la. :)

Ramadhan blessing to u too.

nor said...


salaam to u,

yes, u must not sure if it's a bit distance fm yr place.

it's newly refurbished and extended, so the ladies prayer hall is huge..

if u happend to be there and see me..gimme a holler ,k. :)

Ummi's Blog said...

Yupz kak, her husband is my hubby's ex primary school teacher, and I always see her at Masjid Mydin for Ustaz TM Fauzi's class.
She has given me lots of advise on marriage life and parenting too.
Oh yar, she lives across the street from my place.. hee..
yeah small world. : )

nor said...


i thot so too,as she's be staying near yr place. :)