Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I just got back from dropping off my hubby at the airport Terminal 3.

I felt like having-a-holiday when i see that whole airport atmosphere just now...haha

He's leaving for the kangaroo land of Sydney,Melbourne and Adelaide for work purposes. He'll be back only at the end of next week. With just the son, the daughter and myself here.......iftar is going to be simple dishes .

My daughter came home, after school yesterday afnn and told me this ,

D : mummy, u know the malay aunty who cleaned my classroom.
have u seen her before ?

me: No . Why.

D : she's quite old u know, just like nenek (grandma). just now my teacher said to the class that she has passed away .

me: innalillahiwainnailahirajion. when?

D: dunno . so sad , mummy..she always cleaned my table. :(

me: someday, we all will go also.

((HUGS)) each other.

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