Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I missed my blog....... :)

Well, since it was a long weekends , for a changed, we (my sister n me) decided to just checked in to The Marriots Hotel and skipped The Ritz Carlton (this year) , partly due to the high occupancy..and we also have our neighbour's wedding to attend on Sunday.

We celebrated my kids , Akesh & Sharmila....(13 & 10 yo), my nephew, Satria (2yo) and my bro inlaw's birthday at the same time.

Here's some snap shots .............. i'll let the the pictures do the talking.

The Marriot is at the smack of Orchard Rd, and having to walk along that place...Honestly, i felt that Orchard Rd, is no more the Orchard Rd, that i used to hang out when i was much hip and younger back then . It was totally different now.... the malls are huge and overpopulated with those designer Brands......everywhere i turned , i saw Prada, Gucci , LV ....and the like.
I missed the old Orchard Road....or izzit because im getting old , that i dont enjoy being in the crowded place anymore .:P


Nor said...

just decided to check you out after a mutual friend confused me with you...we seems to not only having a similar google id, but a few other'things' too...anyway,salam perkenalan.

nor said...

salaam to you,

wat a coincidence :)

thanks for dropping by.