Sunday, August 2, 2009

Our Saturday evening, was spent a little differently than the usual , it was filled with songs and dances....well , classically cultural actually.

We attended my niece, Vaheshnawi, Indian Classical Bharatanjali Anniversary dance performance, at The Raffles Hotel, Jubilee Hall.

My niece has been with this classical dance group since she was 5 yo, now she's already 13 .

BharatNatyam dance is obviously a classical piece, that involved lots of movements of the yr eyes,, legs, hands, head and also co-ordinations with the classical singer/musicians.
There's stories behind every dance performances.....hence , the dancers were very impressively expressive, i must say.

Here's few of the pictures...........

The younger ones.....(at the end of the show)

My niece ,Vahesnawi (nxt to the maroon costume girl). Her group performed for at least
half an hour............danced with so much grace and i was fully awed and impressed with their co-ordinations and superb was my son, who was sooo not into these initially., Vahesh's group, received outstanding performance certificate award...the picture here, they're with their dance Master , Mr Balakrishnan...a very well known man , in the Indian community here.

Vaheshnawi, (next to the little pink girl)

Overall, we really enjoyed the nite..........

Next, im looking forward to the long weekends , celebrating the National Day.


Norhayati Mohd said...

When I was young I just love to dance, semua dance aku sebat termasuklah Indian dance :D

btw my Ustz said they r bringing Yusuf Islam to spore this year!! :D

nor said...

oh really, Yusuf Islam is coming ?! i have always wanted to watch his concert..... any idea when?