Thursday, April 19, 2007

Overheard ........

The usual practise when boarding a flight, passengers with babies, little kids , elderly , disabled people (and those yang sewaktu dengan nye), are given priviledge to board the plane first, right.

Then came a voice amongst the passengers........

" Hey! i'm supposed to be in first famous !"

It was Paula (yeah ,Ms Abdul frm American Idol).

Another voice fm the back was heard saying.......

"But you are NO Sanjaya !"



mummy jam said...

Thank GOD he's finally out!
but he does have a lovely smile which I'm going to miss seeing..

nor said...

oh yeah..heard abt his exit. ive not been following AI tis season, as much as the past ones ,thou.
but yeap, that Sanjaya...haha

Aishah said...

Actually, I dont get the joke *pai seh*

nor said...

probably it's the way the radio DJ put it,sounds funny enuf for me..hehe

n'mind la , achi,.we'll stick to our own jokes..LoL

irris said...

Salams Kak Nor!

Remember me? I used to read yr blog & I went by the nick of naqia.

Glad to have found you again.

Can I drop by here again? :D

nor said...

salaam irris,

masya allah, naqia...i remember u.
it's been a long time.
really fancy to see u here.

sure u can drop by here anytime. :)