Friday, April 20, 2007

He's a year older today........
Happy Birthday to you.!

Luv, ya heaps !

Homefront.. exam fever all over.
Books, notes,assessments everywhere.
I pray n hope for the best, kids.

On the flipside.......ive somehow found a new remedy.
An advise given by a wise n knowledgeable person.
Ive already put that into practise.
Trust The Almighty.

On waiting game........Cant wait for June !


Aishah said...

Happy Birthday Akesh!!
And Nor, happy belated birthday to you!!

nor said...


achi,it's not Akesh b'day's akesh's father's birthday..heheh

yup, BIG my man in a year older..hehehe

and thanks for the belated b'day.

nor said...

OOOOOps !it's not belated yet..ehehe

my b'day tmrw only..hehehe

goodness, im so old and forgetful...even for my own b'day..!! teehheee

Aishah said...

hahaha..good then. Happy Birthday in advance then!