Monday, April 23, 2007

Last Saturday class was very interactive..
We shared stories , views and personal experiences, that we could somehow take it as a pinch of salt or in a way, learned fm it..

Bro M, related his experienced, during his Haj journey , that he went with his wife and sister last year.
Being a man , he thot he could be the "macho" ones , looking after the two ladies that supposedly be under his care.

However, strong as u thot u are , Bro M, just broke down upon reaching Mecca while standing in front of the Kaabah. He could " literally see" all his past sins each time he did his prayers and supplications in front of the Holy Kaabah.

Bro M, his wife and sister were amongst the luckiest ones during this spritual journey , bcos, last year Haj was declared as Haji Akbar.
Haji Akbar is when the Day Of Arafah , falls on a Friday. Due to that , instead of the usual 2.5 millions of ummah (from all over) performing the Haj , the number increased to double as the locals thronged the city of Mecca , taking this great opportunity to also, performed the ibadah.

In the sea of millions of ummah , there is little ways that Bro M could squeezed himself thru, to kiss the Black Stone or the Hajar Aswad. NO WAY ! that's wat his wife and sister said to him.
Bro M perservered, make his intention to the Almighty and with Allah's will, his wish was granted !!

Now, the next moved was to get out , fm there , without being stampeded by the millions.
...Subhanallah walhamdullilah wala illah ha illallah Allah hu akbar !.......
The zikrullah that Bro M uttered endlessly.

In his amazement , that no words could ever described how he felt at that moment, ..... he was out fm the place..almost instantly !! Miracle !?

Allah has the absolute Power to do what He wants !
Kun Faya Kun.......(be and it become.)


Butterflies said...

Salam Sis,

been so long since i came by here.

wow. i wish i was there to listen to Bro M telling the class about his Haj experience.

& i pray that one day, i'll have good Haj experiences to tell to others too. insyaAllah (:

takecare &
have a good week ahead!


nor said...


nice having u here.
next time join my class la...hehee

Noor Ain Mas'id said...

it simply boost up my wantings to visit the holy KA'ABAH..
when umi came back frm haj few years back i literally was her biggest listening ear/ and night i would sit by her side asking lotsa questions..and as a loving mother she answered every questioned with a smile on her face..

nor said...


i believe we've heard many amazing and interesting stories fm those who has been there..
wish i cud go there one day ,too.

pinkiecutepie said...

selamat menyambut ulangtahun to a sister yg sama nama, sama birthday, sama hospital, lain mak-bapak.....may Allah bless you.

nor said...


thank you very much.

it goes the same to you too, fren. ;)