Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Yesterday's gone.

It's just like any other day..
But, yesterday, was special .
I turned a year older.

The nite before ,
I made a silent prayers in my heart.
I made a silent wish.

Yesterday, i woke up much earlier and offered my sunnah,
Before Subh made its presence, in the peaceful morning hours.

I had my secret conversations with HIM.
I cried.

I looked at my kids, who were still sleeping,
So angelic.
I kissed them.

I dont want anything.
HE knows my need.

The day ended good,
With the sound of laughters frm my kids .
I culdnt ask for more.

I feel blessed.


Ummi's BLOG said... are so blessed...

may u be bless with iman and happiness many more years ahead...

pinkiecutepie said...

happy birthday to sama nama, sama umur, sama birthdate, sama hospital, lain mak bapak....may Allah bless you.

nor said...


thanks you.

pinkie,'re rite,wat a coincidence. thanks.

zammy yammy said...

happy belated, kak nor! :D

zammy yammy said...

i mean happy belated berfday! haha. ;)