Friday, April 27, 2007

anyhow entry...........

I got meeting in the school later part of the morning.
Entah apa lagi si Mat Bon and the Gang tu wanna talk abt.
They thot this is an event organisation or wat ,huh.?!
Harrllooooo, we are only Parents Volunters oooooii.
tak payah nak lebih kerak dari periuk (or watever the peribahasa is..
maaf cikgus i tink im on revision overloaded at this moment..oooops!)
We do our jobs and go time for talkc**
We help in watever areas we could..sincerely.
We cannot come to skool everyday u know...
apa, si Mat Bon tu ingat kita takde keje lain ke .
kalau dia free sangat, meh sini, tolong aku
lipat kain, gosok baju ... siang ikan ke.....**roll eyes**
petik taugeh pon baikkkk ah...hehee
and me tink my toilets also need scrubbing ley.......*evil grin*
Aiyoooo, these new comers ah, they maciam mabuk kuasa like dat...

Need to changed the logo lah
Need the whole year activities of the skool lah
Those not popular events scrap away lah
Wanna take over the whole skool events lah
This lah...dat lah..
Suka hati korang lah

On musical note.......... im into the Beyonce and Shakira song.
Nelly Furtado pon alrite ah jugak.
Ohh...Justin , "wat goes around.. goes around" .
member tak cerewet beb, yang penting while pegang penyapu ke mop ke...boley sweat it out ..

My house really need revamping..the kid's room ,is in a total mess.!
No kidding.
i dunno whre to begin.
Tongkang pecah pon kalah.

I got some ideas while at IKEA the other day. Kids kinda excited when told abt redecorating thier rooms....but the soalan..bila nak start tu..? !

ni skarang exam fever pon betol nye pening... !

takpe , tis Sunday morning nak gi gym ,then go Eatzi for lunch.
Sungguh tak effective, i know...teeehhee .

This is wat happend when my brain tengah tersumbat. !


Aishah said...

heheheh, these people are too free lah. so spend their time sitting thinking how to suck up to the school principal lah. heheheh

rheA said...

whoaaa..marah nampak? terasa cikgi kat sini, but then..I seldom ask for help from parents, we know that they're busy too :)

nor said...


hehehe..i tink u in the same boat before rite..only different situation..

sorri dear,oooops not point at cikgus im talking abt the new PVs..hehehe

zammy yammy said...

oh my...i didnt know parent volunteers kena terok keje mcm gini. tgh pikir2 camner nanti anak dah besar.........nak volunteer buat design bleh tak? tapi terpikir jugak...kasi betis..nak peha plak. adoi.

nor said...

zammy yammy,

the teachersn the Principal are not the problems, they are nice. but some PV(s) yang over....hehhee