Monday, April 30, 2007


Im not a fan of horror movies or anyting thriller of sort....cos, im such a scaredy cat.

My BIL (bro in law), who is not a Malay ,suggested we watch the latest horror movie
Jangan Pandang Belakang........

errrr..thank you ver much, cos, i wont want to end up having sleepless nite for nothing.


Anyone has watched it.?
The story is based on true encounters ?
I heard it's one of the scariest Malay movie ever !

Movies goers surely to scream and terrified !

I tink , if it was me, would have peed in my pants...!


AJ said...

Alamek petom.... aku pun tak de kuasa nak pi tangok. menakutkan diri sendiri jer.

I oso heard that it's the scariest movie. But dunno how true ah. And believe me... I'm NOT eager to find out. :oP

Mrs Beki said...

Hi5! Aku pun tak rela dan tak kuasa dan tak mau tengok citerr gini. Dah lah laki aku selalu kena oversea, tak pasal2 tak boleh tido nanti!!

nor said...

aj & mrs beki,

tu lah, kasi tiket free pon aku tak mau...hehehe

rheA said...

erkk..actually i'm scared too..BUT I love to scare the pants out of myself..kirakan berani berani takut I'm game enough to watch it..anyway..someone close to me has the third eye I dah lali dengan cerita seram :)

Butterflies said...

i remember choosing to watch The Maid at 11 in the morning coz i thought "ahhh nanti mesti tak seram sebab siang2 hari"...

i forgot that the cinema's dark regardless of day or night.

*slaps forehead*.

takecare sis.
may Allah love &
protect you always.


mummy jam said...

Not my kind of movie but all these talks got me curious....nanti cari DVD dulu, tengok kat rumah, kalau part seram tu boleh off kejap.....kekekeke

Lynna said...

I saw the movie trailer at Youtube ..seram juga tau!
takut tu takut juga lah..but still nak tengok juga lah..

hehehe time part yang seram2 tu.. tutup mata lah ..heheheh

nor said...


i know someone w 3rd eyes too..freaky!


i didnt watch the Maid, but i watched The Eyes...yikes!

nor said...

MJ & Lynna,

got DVD and we all watch togedder gedder la...heheh

like real eh...!

Ummi's BLOG said...

salam sis..

my bil dah gi tengok.. he says its 50%scary and 50% FUNNY !! the funny part is really funny i tell u.. he narrated the story to me...