Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I make time to do self reflections whenever im alone, esp during Fajr prayers.
I hadn’t realized how desperately needy I was until the opportunity of time opened its arms and hugged me.

Fajr prayers has always been challenging (next to Asr) ones . Many a time, i have to confess, i never put it into consistent practice.

During one of the self "meditation" moment, i recalled feeling embarrased of my own doings.
I've received bountiful blessings from HIM..but yet , im just not diligent enough.

As time goes by, i began to appreciate getting up in the early morning, feeling the clarity & wisdom that seep into the subconsious realm of my mind. There is someting abt the morning, that make me feel balanced.
I sit on my prayer rug , knowing that by indulging in these acts of worship there is a potential blessing for me and all I can do is smile, because HE is so generous.
I truly become quite emotional by absorbing these concept.

I always thought that I was strong (mentally), but through my self-discoveries this past years, I’ve learned that I will always need to be stronger and my learning should never stop. I shld take advantage of the time that HE has loan upon me, to restructure and refocus my ideals and goals....spiritually (and worldly) .

By sunrise, I feel like I’ve completed a day load of activities, because I gave myself a mental schedule to follow each morning.

HE listens to our prayers.

HE listens to our pleas.

We expect HIM to answer.

HE does answer, but not always as we suppose HE would.


Ummi's BLOG said...

my sentiments too...
i especially like fajr prayers.. just me and HIM , with my thoughts and prayers.

Hubby and Little Habib will be asleep, just silence in the hse...

nor said...

so peaceful rite. ;)