Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Alright, enuf of being sick and down and blues...it's not so over yet, but gosh..i need something to refresh my mind...seriously !

Ive got sooo many things to do...but all those gotta wait a little bit more, till im fully recovered!
I could see it soon...insya allah.

Ive got complimentary & discounted cards mailed to me, fm those spas and beauty ctr that i patronised, bcos of my upcoming b'day. Yayness !!

Ive got to scrub-a- dub-dub my body (so,those cards thingy come in handy) .

Ive got my hair to re-style (yes,u heard me rite...even if im hijabified)

Ive got makan sessions with friends and families.

Ive got my classes to attend.

Ive got to go O/U/T !

It's really no fun being left alone at home, with just the remotes and switching channels with nothing interesting to watch on the telly. That happend to me the last Good Friday ...spread till the weekends. !
Due to too much telly with nothing to watch...ive got spilting headache & have to swallowed 2 Panadol Extra, laid down on my mattress (full of vappallai leaves) and let it subsided.... that bad ,huh.

But..oh after almost the whole day of "boredom suffocation ", at least one programme that killed my boredom instantly was on National Geographic channel , Secret Of Jerusalem's Holiest Sites. That really save me ! **Phew**