Friday, April 6, 2007

Sunddenly, it's like life been tumbling down...........but not the end of the world yet.

I didnt even know where.. wat.. when or how to start.

Im still looking like an aborigines fm Down Under , with all the white and dried up calomine lotion slapped all over my face and body.

The medications im taking, makes me like a sleepyhead. I couldnt help much with the household thingy, not with my contagious conditions, but thank God, hubby is mend the kids.
Im so thankfull, to my husband , despite his unfit self, he's been of great help , and i wouldnt know how i'll get thru without him.

Im just hoping the chicken pox will dried up fast...and i can live normal again.
I missed kissing my kids and hugging them.

As for the hubby, one of the stone came out, while he was peeing, one nite. It was just a tiny stone , and can u imagine how excruciating the pain that tiny thing has caused all these while .! We're hoping the other stone will come out in the same manner too.
He's having the medical checkup next Tuesday.

I really appreciate those kind words and concerned fm friends here and outside.

One of my good friend , sms me y'day morning : "Nor , left some bags outside yr door. Pls pickup. thanks."....

I didnt hear any knocking, so i quickly got my hubby to open the door. Well, wat did he found.....few NTUC plastic bags full of groceries & stuff !

I immediately called, my friend "S"......thanking her and appreciating wat she has done.
She told me that was just the least she could help........only ALLAH will repay her kindness.

My family and my inlaws have been of great help too...during tis quarantine period of mine.

It's been very challenging moment , and could foresee tis aint gonna be the end of it.

Once , this condition heals...i need to get my spiritual healing back on track again.

Health is wealth !


Butterflies said...

salam Sis Nor.

ya Rabbi! you're down with chicken pox!

loads of sabr yeah, Sis...

may Allah reward your family and friends who have been most helpful to you.

i still remember one hari raya ard 5 years ago. both my mum AND i got chicken pox. so we only managed to go round visiting on the first day. & only those who've already got chixpox came to our place. hehs.

keep strong, Sis...
i'll be praying for your speedy recovery (: (: (:


mummy jam said...

wishing you speedy recovery, nor....dan jangan garuk garuk tau..

nor said...

thanks so comot now. :P

thanks far im having less itch, insya garuk2.

Ummi's BLOG said...

its nice to have such friends huh...: )
anyway semoga cepat sembuh, then u can romos2 yr kids with kisses n hugs.

nor said...

thnks..yup..that friend of mine, is such a nice lady..
oh kisses and hugs deprived for now.. :(

Mrs Beki said...

I also kena masa Afrina was a baby. I tot dah tua2 tak kena, kena jugak!!! So I understand how u feel. Till now masih ada tanda kat my hand. Nasib baik kat muka tak byk.

So u just hang on in there ok!! Hope u recover fast!!

nor said...

mrs beki,
thanks...its getting a little better now.