Friday, February 23, 2007

What i learned today ?

that i am alive , and able to enjoy life and nature.

that my daughter is having her Maths class test.

that my son, is not grumpy upon waking up.

that i am more than a just Mother.

that i am a student for a moment and guru for the next.

that it is important to have a "Me" time.

that there's always birds chirping outside my windows every morning.

that it is cool to be kind.

that someone out there is going on a worst scenario than i am.

that to take a step back and appreciate wat i have that others dont.

that we all see situations differently, and no one's view is wrong.

that to accept failures as an opportunity for me to learn.

that to be Thankful for mistakes i made, cos, they teach me valuable lessons.

that to cherish every moment i have with my families and friends.

that Life is simple, only we make it complicated.

that never let go of hope.

that my fave four letter word, is L/O/V/E.

that i have to move my fat butt, NOW ! and get ready for my class.

The day has just begin..i still have many things to ponder and learn thru out, Insya allah.

This is just a random entry... (can u see that im bored !?). The morning , has been perfect so far.
It is still too early to stay perfect...( wait till the kids are back fm skool !). But, is there really a perfect day...!? hmmm... i wonder.

If there is one perfect day.......i wish that i am somewhere far away fm hustle bustle of city life. Probably somewhere outdoor, in the mountains, going for an easy hike with my loved ones..(jeez ! so ironic.. im not even fit enuf to jog,or the truth i hate jogging and im not that sporty enuf..i need my heels,my mascara, ....and "allergy" to sun (i need my umbrella)..hokayyy...but i can dream on rite...**wink**) .

I want to wake up , in the moutains, right after the rain..(smelling the fresh breeze)..watching the clouds break up and admiring the gorgeous blue sky ! Sipping piping hot coffee ...( and dream continues..........)


Ummi's BLOG said...

thats wld be an ideal location for tired mummies.. *dreamz* : )

nor said...


let's dream togedder..hehe

MeL said...

salam sis...thanks for dropping by at my blog ya...

aniwae...i loiikeee to dream of sweet cooling holidays tooo hehe...