Monday, February 26, 2007

Another week has passed..another new one has come.

Let's start with my Saturday,

Alhamdullilah, i managed to go for a talk by Ustaz Ismail Kamus @ Jamiyah. The topic of the day was abt "IMAN...peningkatan & penyuburannya".

It was indeed englightening to hear Ustaz gave his talk with deep message in it , less "heavy" kinda delivery plus lots of humors. Since the talk was fm 3pm - 5pm, i then continued with my class which was not too far away.

After class, we ended at my mom's place to watch "Pesta Perdana"...*yawn*

Sunday, was spent doing laundry and ironing in the morning hours. I needed my "ME" time, so while hubby brought the kids cycling, i met up with my best friend, in the later part of the afnn. What a breather.!

Apart fm having lightbulb moment fm going to the the talk and pondering over journey of life and death...ive got something to share :

Sebuah hadis Nabi s.a.w. yang diriwatkan oleh Abdullah b Abbas r.a., bahawa Rasullulah s.a.w. bersabda "bahawa malaikat maut memerhatikan wajah setip manusia di muka bumi ini sebanyak 70 kali dlm sehari."

Ketika Izrail datang merenung wajah seseorang , didapatinya orang itu ada yang sedang bergelak ketawa . Maka berkatalah Izrail " alangkan hairannya aku melihat orang ini, sedangkan aku di utus oleh Allah utk mencabut nyawanya, tetapi dia masih berseronok-seronok bergelak ketawa..."

Manusia tidak akan sedar bahawa dirinya sentiasa di perhatikan oleh malaikat maut, kecuali orang2 soleh yg sentiasa mengingati mati. Golongan ini sentiasa sedar akan kehadiran Izrail , dan mengamati hal mati & hubungan dgn malaikat maut.

Now, beware !

one day = 24hours
1440 mins / 70 time Angel of death visits us
= 20.571 mins

which means , the Angel of death visits us every 21 minutes !



Ummi's BLOG said...

Interesting fact. If only we can see the angel of death watching us.. then life will not be so funny anymore.

Butterflies said...

hello Sis (:

subhanAllah. great info in this post.

& today, i'm a day closer to
my death.

may Allah forgive us for
all our sins. Ameen.

takecare &
God bless you, sis :D