Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Suddenly, i got swarmed by so many wedding invitations . This is kinda very rare deals for us, actually.

Malay & Indian weddings invitation cards, tucked neatly in my letter box.

The thing is , ive got nothing to wear !!...(very lame i know..)

So, i did wat a wife gotta do. I cut out the ads , and im asking my hubby to check out the boutique ( i know he hates doing this..but he gotta do,wat a hubby gotta do..hehe) & let me know thier range of suits,designs and also the prices. I hope he comes back with something..a catalogue or at least with some infos, la.

On the other note, ive been eyeing a silver onyx black ring. But, Im still contemplating if i shld or shld not get that one. Probably, i'll check around if there's better designs elsewhere.

Hey! Im a woman, after all wat !! :P


rheA said...

hi there! bloghopped my way to yours..i understand yr predicament..women always have nothing to wear..even tho their wardrobe is bursting with clothes! LOL

nor said...


nice having u at my humble blog.
you're rite..we can nvr get enuf of clothes,shoes & bags...heheh

Marlie said...

You write very well.