Friday, March 2, 2007

You know...when I was thinking about updating my little banter earlier, I was really kind of in my usual cynical, bitter at life mood...but now...the clouds have shifted a little. But I'll continue anyway.......

I need to develop and maintain a healthy family and positive lifestyle. Im sooo trying actually..never mind if i fall back..i'll get up and try again and again...(very tired ,ley)..
I know HE is there for me.

There's so many never ending life challenges that im / we gonna face , today, tomoro and in the future. When going through difficult experiences - i remember that adversity can be a blessing in disguise. I might learn some important lessons during those tough times - (I know I have.)

On the other note , my hubby bought some rocks/pebbles some years back , in the hope of doing our own mini landscape , at our tiny area of our balcony.

Somehow, all our plants withered & died rather quickly before the landscape project even started ! *duh* For sure, i dun have green fingers ,.(mine is all wrinkled and dry..) cos, even my cactus died on me ! *double duh*

So, we still have those smooth pebbles that black garbage bag, hiding in our store room..(how interesting is that )

I thot of getting an acrylic paints n brushes which i saw at Popular , get it painted and drawn or designed.Well, this is yet another hope-it-will-happend-project....*roll eyes*

I'm not a creative person to begin with...and it didnt help much that my creative juices have dried up since many moons ago. On top of that im a great procastinator !! wat a life......*tsk*

Anyhowz, i have to get things started (yeah rite..) . March holidays are least this activities will keep the kids occupied and keep me away frm being insane !!

Im such a pathetic stuck-at-home-mom.., huh !


pinkiecutepie said...'s a suggestion. start from what u have. hm....change the positions of your furniture at home once in a while. rotate them.some things you may want to keep in the store for next time when you wanna change the position again. you don't need new things for new lifestyle. arwah ustzh kata it's good habit alihkan perkakas rumah.but i forgot dalilnya.

go on..use the pebbles for that balcony project, since ikea dah dekat rumah,get hardy plants, they're cheaper than the ones you get at nurseries...selalunyer new plants come on thurs or fri.
start slow...from living room, to kitchen, to bedroom to toilet n storeroom....

sal said...

Hah, that sounded very much like me. Procrastinating queen. I don't know, somehow I'm always complaining that I don't have "me" time. Embarrassed to say, I am also a queen of complaints. Sheesh.

ps: Have a happy weekend.

nor said...

salaam to you, nice having u here.

u know wat,that's wat my mom keeps telling me..the furniture thingy , and the pemalas me always say Ok..ok tapi tak tukar2..hehee

gonna start w the pebbles..insya allah.

salaam to u, very like me .

Butterflies said...

salam sis!!!

hmmm... wonder if complaining and whining is the same.

but i'm ALWAYS whining.
& emrdyl's the poor soul who has to put up with me. hehex.

*hugx hugx*


rheA said...

procrastination is my middle name..LOL..anyway..yes..the one week break is a great time to bond with many kids do u have nor?

nor said...

your pc ok oredi, ah?
n'mind long it doesnt sound naggy..hahaha

ive got two kids..and yeah, im so bonded..hahaha

Butterflies said...

hey sis...

nopes, my lappie's still down
depending on my sister's for now.
somehow i got my-haper2-programs-yg-important installed here.
so yeah, i'm surviving :D

dah sah that i'm a boring person. setakat laptop down jer dah tragic mcm nak haper. tsktsk.

enjoy the weekend
with ur beloveds!!! :)