Thursday, February 8, 2007

I was in the school , almost the whole morning y'day. The "Breakfast w The Principal" started at 9am and lasted abt 2hrs. Basically, the school was trying to 'recruit' new set of Parent Suppot Group.

A number of parents turned up, (few familiar faces)...thou it didnt really tally from the number expected. Since, i am already a PSG , since last year, i roughly knew , how the talk would somehow lead to. There were some working parents and some homemakers like myself. Mostly ladies , only couple of men around.

It was nice to hear , different suggestions & feedbacks frm some of them ,during our group discussions.

One of the parent, is in the Cricket Club Assn, and would love to help out on the CCAs and some other outdoor activities in the school. One lady, is taking hairdressing course and would complete it within the next 2mths or so...she would love to offer her soon-to-be-skills to the needy pupils in the school. Hair cut anyone !? There's also a guy, who is a prison warden, could render his help in the disciplinary or counselling areas, to those "notorious" students if needed...warden hokay..dun hor, or i'll shall locked u up !
Many other issues were brought up.

After 2hrs and light breakfast snacks...those who needed to leave, could do so, those in the committees or would love to be one, stayed for a little while more. I stayed.

You, know how first impressions last....
(Im talking abt first impressions here...and not being judgemental of some sort ;) )

Remember the ads on "IMPULSE" or izzit "REXONA" : read BO .

You know, how communications has an accumulative effect...sometimes?

I better not assume, eh.

Anyhowzz, there's a newcomer, over excited, over enthusiastic, over "loud", over expressive, over confident........over dressed. ! **roll eyes**

The whole meeting ended slightly before 12noon...i was thinking wat my other partner was thinking too...hehhee

Later, we found out...that new comer, is gonna be in our Reading Mum programme...!! **duh**

Next meeting will be on next Wed...11.30am...(that new comer,suggestions).


aishah said...

I can understand. When I was doing pv, I stayed away from all these "over" people and there were so many of them. All these sikit atas people no need to impress, not worth our time and money.

nor said...


usually, after im done with my things...i went time to talkcocksingsong..hehee
but so far , the ladies in my reading programme are great..! dunno abt the new ones,thou.

Butterflies said...

hey sis... isolde here..

i remember a certain "over"-character back in my jc touchteam. and yes, she was from a newer batch compared to me. semangat nak take our shoe sizes so that she could konon order for us identical boots on the first training she came for.

anyway, you have a good weekend! (:

nor said...


Geez, that sounds 'scary' eh..hehe

anyway, these ppl do exist, eh..**bleargh** :P