Monday, February 12, 2007

The weekends were well spent..I feel blessed..Thanks Allah.

I r'cd a call fm a friend tis morning....not so good news to the ears. Nothing new thou.. a dilemma ... a torn apart emotions......hurt and anger endorsed in the heart.....

It's hard for her to just get out of bed & all that she has to look forward to, is another day of hatred . She becomes hardened to life, and gratefulness becomes rote. The home is no longer sweet , but stale. The air around is too suffocating for her to breathe.

They have tackled with the marriage counsellors..but not much progress was shown by the other party. She still have a little hope for their future...but things happend again and again.
It has been a long winding road for my friend..secretly, i hope her partner would also change in time...but it has been more than 7 years & 3 kids in tow..

Thou, im not in her shoes... i could feel her heart is in the bottom of her shoes and she keeps walking over it. I know she's tired emotionally , mentally and physically...but she's staying strong for her kids. I pray all is well for her and the family.

As for her partner.........."you need another lies to cover up the other ones..."



Life is no doubt an ultimate mystery & the ultimate discovery. The answer to the mystery goes beyond the horizon. Everything happens for a reason....Only God Knows !


mummy jam said...

so sorry to hear about your friend's situations, hope she's be feel much better soon and be able to overcome the situation.

Butterflies said...

salam dear sis...

i hope your friend is still being patient and strong as ever. i believe she's a super mummy, having to face such problems and still manage her 3 kids well.

i'll be praying for her and her family. insyaAllah, the grey cloud will clear and the sun will come out. insyaAllah..... *send her my hugx - though i may not know her*

*hugx to you too for being sucha wonderful friend to her and everyone else!* :D


nor said...


Im hoping they'll able to sort things out in a wise way, too. Thanks :)


Thanks, for your kind words :)