Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Im going for the Parent Support Group committee meeting later....and whoever came out with the *brilliant* idea of having potluck...*chet* As far as im concerned, we've never have it potluck for such meetings , unless there's class party...(that also,we'll pooled the amnt to get food stuff n etc.......) vell...........vat ever ! **roll eyes**

On the lighter side of life......ive been visiting the library and borrowing silly books for the kids and myself.. hahaa (can u imagine how boringly interesting i am, that i need such books to cheer me up..hahaha)

Weekdays have always been packed with academic stuff n classes, so why not adopt some humor in our mundane life by reading ourselves silly ,eh.. hehehe.

Currently, my daughter, is reading "Draft Jack & The Bean Stack" ..(the silly version of Jack & The Bean Stalk " hahhaa .. "instead of getting just one miserable bean, after selling his cow, he got tons of cans of beans that he had to stack them up high till abv the clouds...oh! yes, there's a giant castle........ the giant ended up marrying Jack's mom !"

I get to read the book too..seriously silly , i tell ya ! LoL

She had just completed "Snow White and the 7 Aliens " & "Windbag"...(abt a boy who cant stop hiccuping ...till his friends found weird cures for it..hahaha)

My son, is reading some kinda funny stuff on..." The Secret Of Life : Staying out of Trouble , in terms of....Manners/Excuses/Promises /Secrets..etc........" ( i think this is sooo appropriate for him..LOL) & just finished his "Star Wars....." (wat ever the trilogy is...)

The mommy is currently on a "You Drive Me Crazy".........mode., hahahhaa story with a bumpy rides , with a great sense of humor in it...that make me giggled myself silly ! LOL

All those aside, I just cant wait for the long many activities lined up. It's gonna be just chillin' and !


Mrs Beki said...

Afrina has read those silly books too, and she enjoyed them so much!!

Apa kau contribute potluck tu? Tose? Papodem? :)

nor said...

mrs beki,
seriously silly rite...kekeke, even i myself enjoyed reading it silly ! hahaha

oh..some of us, didnt bring any included hahha...but we did had homemade pizza,currypuff,sandwiches n corn kueh..courtesy of the others. :)

Butterflies said...

i would love to see the giant's wedding with jack's mum in a movie or something. wonder how they take their vows AND when they're pronounced man and wife... how sey.....

anyway, takecare sis!!!
(i remember a potluck picnic with my close friends. the guys din bring anything at all. harapkan satu jer ader initiative to at least bring a mat.)

nor said...


i wonder how, the "you may kiss the bride" thingy !...LoL

Noor Ain Mas'id said...

hello sis..

sure ur welcme anytime..
hmm ada ke buku2 mcm tu?
sorry me da lama tak jejak library so kinda jakun sikit..hehehe..

kiter link up k..

nor said...

noor ain,

hi there..nice to see u here. :)

u know wat, those books can only be found in the kids sections...hehehe except for mine la.

sure u can link ;)