Monday, February 5, 2007

First and foremost..CONGRATS TO THE LIONS (KING) for winning the title last nite !. They are the CHAMPION..........they fight till the end............they deserved to WIN.................i could here the LIONS.............ROOoooooooooooooooAAAARRRRRRRRRR !! Ole! Ole! Ole!Ole!


After months of ..tangled veins...poor blood circulations..muscles strained, ...she finally came to rescue my aging body.

Got myself semi-undressed (still got my grandma panty intact) , with the sarong tied slightly above my sagging boobs, (berkemban ala citer P Ramlee,where the heroine would sing di tepi sungai while cuci baju)...i lied face down...and for a start, she got her hands working on the whole part of my the neck,shoulder blades , my no-more-firmed-butts , my calves ....... all the way down to the sole of my feet.

She kneaded & kneaded my body , like as if she's making pizza doughs out of me..I could really feel those lumpy trapped "air/wind" escaping, while she's at it . My back was slightly reddened due to the trapped "air/wind" (that has beranak penak ) ...but definitely not bruised. I didnt even winch while she's at work...cos, i guess im quite used to massages. I felt relaxed and i wish i could sleep thru out..Zzzzzzzzzz

She used some kind of muscle cream and olive oil (Mustika Ratu) to rubbed all over my body , against my skin, till it absorbed. There's a sense of "heat" on my skin during the one hour process. This is nothing compared to the Herbal Steam that i used to do , on one of my spa treatment.

Then, it's time to lie on my back and my face facing her....started fm the top chest.. my arms, then down to my thunder thighs.........and all the way down . I reckon with all the kneading and slightly loosen muscles and the trapped "air/wind" improving...i suddenly had the urged to "pollute" the air...............!!! Gosh ! Isn't air pollution bad for the environment?!!..........besides , I didnt want her to get killed by inhaling it. !!

With no time to loose........ i got up with my sarong that almost fell fm it's original position...........i unlocked my room door and ran straight out to the kitchen oh my THAT was a BOMB !!! and EXPLOSIONs !! I let out several burps too.! so "airy & "windy" !! yeah...that bad,huh. !

Now, my body feel much lighter & rejuvenated. I cant wait for my another kneading session.


asydin said...

eh, is it the same kakak tt u recommended to me? What's her name again? I need urut badly too :(

nor said...

asydin,'s the same kakak..u tried her before rite?? k,when she come next mth ,i'll buzz u.

Butterflies said...

oh my... urut session?

i remember my aunt, who's one of the masseur at traditional javanese spa or something, massaged my head, neck and shoulders. it was unbearable for me and i ended up being in pain till like a week or so.

i'm so lembik :X


nor said...


maybe u seldom kena urut,hence the pain....hehehe

i love massages n i need it badly at times..cos, my body very "ketat" and 'windy' la...;)