Friday, February 2, 2007

It's Friday !! Hubby is coming home ! Weekends are here,again ! Time to chill out !

I found zits near my nose bridge few days ago...but it has dried sour prunes! I tink my skin is getting very dry......... fine lines are very obvious now.

Maybe also due, to my bad bad eating habits.............

I finished the whole packet of this.

Then,I tot oranges would help me with Vit C, ...but noooooooo, i found

these 2 packets ,which supposedly for the kids...
Well, they do melts in your mouth , dont they !

Yes ! im evil when come to chocolates !


bangde111111 said...
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aishah said...

Hehehehe...these food are very good to boost your sexpetite for the weekend. Very clever ah you Nor!

nor said...


sexpetite...i loikeee !!

Mrs Beki said...

Benda-benda ni semua aku bedal aje!!! :)

mummy jam said...

lain kali tak mo makan sorang2 ah, meh share share ok...

Us Angels said...

*budak yg pentingkan bola dari blaja agama dah dtg*...


ngeeheex :D

mannn... i've been eating a huge packet of maltesers dat i have ulcers ard my mouth! tsk.


nor said...

dunno when we can meet up eh..junkies get togedder party!..LOL

us angles,
yap, these things very heaty la..but much drink lots of water.

Butterflies said...

yeahhh.... i'm only gulping down bottles of water NOW. too little, too late huh. oh welshhhhh....

aniwaeee... no more "us angels"! we're butterflies now! ahahakx!

have a lovely weekend sis.


nor said...


hehehe cute la u all ;)

Butterflies said...

we have the whole of sat and a lil bit of sun to pray for the sg team! yeah!

*paisey coz she's been too sure that the match's on sat*


Butterflies said...

salam sis!!!

hope you had a great weekend.
was just wondering:
will u put up pix of ur kids?
hehx. butterfly kpo wanna see the faces of ur lil angels (:

fii amanillah!

nor said...


i dun really fancy putting up full faces here (even on my previous blogs, i put up once, then i pulled it down.. ) ,but maybe i'll try...hehehe

i dunno if this is the rite ;)