Monday, July 20, 2009

I have never had green fingers , all my plants died on me...even cactus.

But this time, im soooo glad these plants are still alive !!
A friend told me to "talk" to the plants, she treated all her plants like her babies.
She talks to her plants every morning, when she waters them ...she asked them
to behave and grow well while she's away , like on vacation or somethng.

I decided to follow suit........... but just a small talk kinda thing.
I greet them with Assallammualaikum, and then tell them to
"go on..., do yr dzikir and grow well" hahaha

Well, it actually work !! :P

and i also decided to make dessert ....
bubur chacha.



Norhayati Mohd said...

i talk to my fishes :D

I wld love to have plants but i think i am not responsible ah + forgetful..takut aku lupa nak tukar air nanti denggi mai :(

plants i want to have are pandan, daun kari, cili...kira safe duit pasar aku ahh...hehe

nor said...

cakap ngan ikan pon orite pe...

anyhowwww, i havent have the "guts" yet to tanam those plants, takut tak menjadi..but i wud loovveeee to try it out, senangkan, tinggal nak petik jek.

kalau boley padi pon aku nak tanam...hahhaa

kakchik said...

assalamualaikum nor.

i was just like you with plants but my mom is good. i never knew that talking to plants can help them although i always saw my mom do just that with her flowers. sometimes i can hear she told them her problem like she was talking to someone else. and of course those flowers blooms so much.
i think when i move in to my new home, i'm gonna try growing some greens/herbs because i'm not very keen on flowers. and gonna follow this tip.

nor said...



yeah,let try the herbs ..maybe it's good thing , talking to plants than to least plants dont talk back..hahhaa

Hajar said...

LoL~ It does. :) Your bubur cha cha looks good.