Wednesday, July 22, 2009

This is what happend yesterday !!!!!

Code Red !!!!

I was at the newly re-opend Geylang Market yesterday morning with a frend. She wanted to get some stuff for her Hajj trip tis year, so i accompanied her and at the same time check out what's new there.

The place is cleaner but other than that the shops that sell clothing and stuff ... not impressive, most of he shops are selling the same items..i really meannnn the same. *blerghh*

So while browsing around i checked my handphone and i got 3 missed calls and 3 message fm my son . The text " mum, im at sick bay, pls come and fetch me...quick." . Then the school called me and informed me, abt my son being unwell.

I told my friend i need to rush home, she offered to drive me to the school, but i prefer to drive my own she dropped me home, got my car......and i went straight to the school, which is quite nearby.

I went into the General Office..signed some paper and i "collected" my son. The teacher advised me to bring him to the clinic. I went straight the to clinic near my place.

Doctor checked...his temperature was 38.3c , asked him some questions and wanted to do some test. Doc took sample of mucus from my son's nose and did test....10 minutes later , we were called in again.

Braced myself...................... Doc told me my son is having Influenza Like Illness ... kinda close to H1N1 !!!
At that moment, i was lost ! My heart sank onto the ground !!
Doc told me what is the procedures to handle such patient. .
I called his school to informed the matter.

Home quarantine ..........for one week !

Except for my contact yet , as she was in school the whole day yesterday, my hubby fetched her and send her straight to my mom's place. Hubby called the school to informed (social responsibility) ... the Principal will check with the MOE for the procedure and get back to us.
Today, my daughter will not be in school ............ but before she gets toooo happy...ive packed all her revision books for her to do at the comfort of my mom's place...hehehhee

Just awhile ago...her Principal called, since she has no ctc.... she's able to go back to school

As i am having direct contact with him, i have to take Tamiflu medication also . I have to disenfact the entire house................ *boohooooo* no fun fun.

Pls pray for my son's recovery .

the stuff..........

The tired looking me ..........

The masked lady :P


Aishah said...

Hope Akesh gets better soon. Hugs!

nor said...

alhamdulillah, getting better.

thanks :)

Umm Salihah said...

Assalam-alaikam Sister,
I'm sorry to see that your son has been unwell, may Allah give him his health back soon insh'Allah.