Friday, July 24, 2009

Im am seriously BORED !!!!

Ive been staying indoor and will be staying indooor till next Tues ...arrrrggghhh.
Thank goodness, i have my lappie to keep me company....but still , i need to go out..i want to smell the fresh air ...not Dettol soap or Dettol disenfact spray *boohooo*

Besides looking after my sick son ( who is also suffering from boredom and always hungry) , who is getting much better now, ive been cleaning up the house , like there's no tomorrow. The floor is squeaky clean .......that i can actually slide myself from one end to another .. :P

What other happenings, besides my boredom....
Oh yes...i saw the hubby rushing to get dressed this morning , while i was on the phone , talking to , whoelse , but my best friend.

When i checked with him..he told me ,he had to rushed his mom to hospital. Her blood pressure is high , she claimed the entire house is spinning.
My hubby is one (and only) filial son ,THATTTT i serious..seriously..cannot deny. !

When they arrived at the hospital, her blood pressure has already increased....and her back hurts too. She's on a wheelchair ... i managed to speak to her over the phone. My MiL is such a wonderful woman..( i always mention tis) eventhou, we are of different background ( race & religion).
I heart my mom - in-law & she heart me too (ok, this is soooo lame, perhaps, she has no choice , cos, im the one and onnnnly daughter in law) :P

Minutes, ago, i spoke to my hubby, MiL is undergoing CT scan now. My two SILs and the two aunties are there too.

Hope nothing serious happen... ~sigh~

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