Wednesday, December 16, 2009

*toot *toot*

Im back...i mean, the pc is back.!!

I missed surfing and bloghopping.

I went for a short break to Kuala Lumpur and then to Malacca.
I really dunno why, this time, im feeling a little home sick,
eventhou i have my family with kids,hubby,my parents & my sis.

I never have this feeling before,not when going on a holiday. was really fun and i did enjoy the breakie.

Tommorrow is Muharram, the first month of the Islamic calender.
Ironically,soon, it will be end of Dec and 2010 is approaching, people start making resolutions , celebrate, partying and stuff like that.

So, what's for Muharram...well, i want to loose weight,hahaha

Seriously, i want to strive to certain changes in me...and maybe the family too.
It's not a resolution, just one of my random thots, but im still not so clear how to do it.
Staying motivated is sometimes can be a struggled.
It is so eazy to get distracted and loose focus .
Let me think abt it...cos im such a procrastinator.!

Oh, i also read a short story abt Fatimah az-zahra,daughter of our prophet s.a.w.
It's so sad. Go and read,for those who hasn't.

Lastly,For the record, i didnt enjoy watching 2012 !

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