Friday, February 27, 2009

My two good gal pals birthday is coming in March, so i plan to craft my own gift for them. IM no artfartycrafty person ....... but no harm trying to be one hahhaa

Y'day morning, i took the train to town and drop by SpotLights. I didnt have much time to get all excited over the ribbons, buttons,beads, fabrics & those crafty stuff (eventhou it's still on a lower scale hahha) ..cos, i have to be back before 1pm n fetch my daughter fm school.
I got some magnets , glue and ribbons. I still dont know wat to do with those items thou...but thot of doing a personalised fridge magnets...hmmm im still thinking.
I squeezed my way to Daiso , and all $2 items shop. They have some great n cool stuff especially those gift boxes.. since one of them likes baking and cooking ...i got her nice kitchen gloves n now i still have to look for a fabric to sew an apron for her.
I LOVE Fridays..........i know my kids love thier Fridays too, cos, its smells and spells : Weekends !
Im going for my Quran class later and tonite we have Ustz Yasser class to attend. I need to refill my cuppa coffee n get my butt off
ok now
alrite now
seriously, like NOW !
N-O-W !!
Have Good Weekends everyone !


Sea Turtles Rock said...

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washi said...

Assalaamu Alaikum, best of luck with the crafy goodies...can't wait to see your creations insha'Allah!