Saturday, February 21, 2009

It seems like my / our Saturdays are being filled with FaithHub activities. No, im not complaining, im actually enjoying it , cos, it also involved everyone in the family, hubby and the kids. At least we get to keep our weekends occupied with such matters .

Last Saturday,we organised dzikir at Sultan Mosque, Alhamdulillah the turned up was very encouraging.

Today, the newly formed Youth@FaithHub is doing their very own event. Hubby and myself plus few other bros and sisters have to be at Saleem Christy Ctr slightly earlier, to help out with the preparations. My kids are tagging along too....cos, it's Movie Screening day, Yayyy !

Movie starts at 5.30pm...

This is what we will be watching :

oh, ive got all the snacks and tidbits ready, hopefully enuf for everyone.

Have a great weekends !


Umm Omar said...

It's nice to be around family, isn't it? Let us know how the movie was!

nor said...

umm Omar,

you're right...and sure will update on the movie,insya allah :)