Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The whole of yday morning, i spent ransacking the store room and managed to get rid a whole big bag of overgrown clothings and other unwanted clusters....**phew**

This morning, i did different thing.....i went to gym. I was on the treadmill for abt 30mins and i really sweat myself out. ! I did a bit of stretching, and the whole exercise regime lasted for nearly an hour. I felt so much better after shower ...so refreshing !

I managed to read two pages of the Quran after maghrib last nite, another 2 pages after Isyak and today, another 2 pages after zuhr....Syabas me..! ;)



Umm Omar said...

Masha'Allah. So productive! Keep going!

There's no feeling like the feeling after a good workout.

nor said...

salaam Umm Omar,

thank you for yr kind words.

Hijabi Apprentice said...

Wow! Masha Allah! That was motivating!

nor said...

Salaam HA,

thanks, lets e-motivate each other :)