Friday, March 27, 2009

Despite contemplation earlier of whether i should go or not & a little hicked-up on some planning...i finally went to the class.
I was hoping the lesson will not be boring (as of a particular class i attended n decided to quit after few lesson).
Half an hour after , i whispered to my friend (she sat beside me)...i think i might be coming back for more...insya allah.
My first lesson yesterday, and i was in tears . I teared when the ustaz told the stories of the Prophet s.a.w , and about how Bilal r.a was to have the honor to be the muazzin.
"" After the Prophet's death it became very hard for him to continue his stay in Madinah where he would miss him at every step and in every corner.
He therefore left Madinah, and decided to pass the rest of his life striving in the path of Allah. Once he dreamt of the Prophet s.a.w
No sooner did he get up than he set out for Madinah. On reaching there,the people of Madina was very happy to see him and requested him to call out the Azaan.
He could not refuse them, for they were very dear to him. But as soon as the Azaan was called, the people of Madinah cried openly out of their anguish at the memory of the happy old days of the Prophet's time. Even the women came out of their houses weeping. ""
At the end of the class...i felt so glad and shukr that HE has made me able to come and seek such knowledge.

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