Monday, April 6, 2009

Ive been soooo tight up with things lately...that i havent got time to update my blog.

I got my morning classes to attend , housechores to complete , domestic errands to do , kids to ferry around , volunteering at my daughter's school and also FaithHub , my gym .. etc etc etc.

Last Saturday nite meeting with the committees (Faithhub) , there's a little reshuffled of positions . Im elected to be the Asst Secretary (something new for me) and still in-charge of classes .

My plates are full...but im not complaining. Im kinda happy with what im doing right now. I realised , even with all the "running around" , i still have that little time to spend with my good friends and having my own ME time. My morning is just soo precious and HE has make things possible and easier for me. Alhamdulillah.

Besides all the above , ive got few issues that take my concern.

A family whom we know , well... i know the mother , sis Neesa is a widower. They come from a very rich background. They used to live in a very big bungalow , but after her husband's death 4 years ago , and her 2 daughters left for Australia to futher study, she decided to sell off the big house and now living on her own in a flat.

One daughter is happily married and has a child. The second daugther just got back fm Australia and now wanted to get married too. This is the challenging part .............very challenging............

The guy she wanted to get married is a Hindu. She's a Muslim (obviously) ...but now she started to drift , saying that all Gods are the same...bla bla bla. Indirectly she wants to denounce her religion and decided to go on with the civil marriage plan. Probably there'll be a Hindu wedding ceremony... !! nauzubillahi min zaalik.

Someone in the family (an uncle) tried to talk her out......... to no avail. Her mind is quite set for that. Love is stronger than anything else at this point. He said , it might be a murtad case ..... :(

Sad..very sad. When i heard abt this my heart goes for the mother. She's such a nice lady.

I brought my hubby (who was a Hindu) to Islam , and when i heard such story , it really pain me inside.

But who is to blame when such things happend ?


Oh ! Allah , Please guide us to the straight path. Ameen.


malekat_el7oriya said...

oh you seem so busy :( i hope everything goes well!
And the story is so sad! It should have been the other way around, the man she was going to marry should have become muslim not her becoming hindu! May Allah guide us all on the straight path.
wonderful blog by the way!

nor said...

salaam to you,

im alrite...yeah, kinda keep myself occupied with stuff..:)

yup, story is a sad one :(

Hijabis On Ranting Tour. said...

Subhana'Allah sis, such cases are definitely evident in our country that is. Sometimes living in a secular society leads to something like this. may Allah swt guide us all; Insya'Allah.


Aishah said...

This is so sad, it is so wonderful to be born a Muslim. Those who really read up on Islam can never deny the beauty of the religion.
May Allah swt guide her to the right path.

nor said...

a'qilah and aishah,

let's make doa for our sisters and brothers in islam , and for ourselves...may Allah place us amongst the righteous.