Monday, April 13, 2009

Another issue ......................

A Muslim friend is married to a Chinese man for over 10years.

They had civil marriage........means, hubby did not convert to Islam.

They have 2 lovely young kids.

Early this year, the hubby decided to embrace Islam.

Now, they wanted to re -solemnised their marriage , Islamically.
She knows her father has to be the wali ,since he's still alive.

Problem, she doesnt want to have any dealings with the father.
Reason ............ very bad childhood experience. Dont want to proble futher.
Im respecting her personal privacy.

Friend : " If he (the father) has to be my wali.....then i wait till he dies "

Me: " but,what if it you go first before him?" "Any brothers ? uncles ?"

Friend: " so be it !..i dont want to deal with any of my families ! "

** silent **

How can i help her ?

Im checking with the ROMM , how to go about with this case .

" Oh! Allah...we seek your guidance "


Aishah said...

It is very sad that people find it hard to forgive at times. As a good friend, I guess you should just advise her and make lots of dua for her. InsyaAllah, she will change her mind.

nor said...


true, why so difficult to forgive, afterall he's still her father tyring to help and see what i can do and surely make doa for her.

Coolred38 said...

I dont understand why she feels the need to have a wali to marry the same man shes been married to for 10 years?

In which case...she is no longer a virgin and according to Islam she doesnt need a wali to accept a marriage proposal etc soooo?

Sorry for intruding...just happened along. nice blog