Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My friend Sylvia texted me the other day ..saying that , her friend..Aini , is now on medical leave due to an accident. I am not close and dont know Aini well, cos , she is Sylvia's friend actually..but yesterday while waiting for my daughter to finish her Quran class, i decided to dial Aini's mobile no.

I said my salaam to her and immediately she knew it was me, cos, my name appeared on her mobile screen. She's delighted to received my call and i asked abt her well we spoke , she relates to me how the accident happend.

To cut the long story short.... she's on the way home from work in the company's van . Just minutes before she reached her home, the driver somehow hit the emergency brake and that got Aini flung out fm her seat ...her back hit the van dashboard and her neck hit the stairways...for a moment, she just went blank but managed to walk back home.

That evening , she went to a doctor ...the next morning, she totally couldnt move her body. Her hubby rushed her to A&E ...she's hospitalised. On that day , she felt her world has collapsed.
After a week being hospitalised......she got discharged and went back home, but still immovable. She needs the help fm her husband and her maid.

Aini has been active all the when such immobility happend to her, she felt lost, helpless..frustrated...depressed.....very down...angry.....and stressed . She feels very hurt , especially not being able to carry her 3yo son. Emotionally she's drained .
She said the challenges are too great to describe.

Sitting on the bed, unable to make much movement, Aini is given a chance by Allah, to do some reflections. As she spoke to me...i knew she's in tears. She realised Allah still loves her, hence she's still alive... she knows her body condition wont be like before. She realised that all these while she has no time for time for the Quran, now for almost 2mths at home.....Aini has been reciting the Quran almost everyday. It helps to heal her emotional wounds and calm herself.

Now, Aini is undergoing theraphy almost every morning, mobility is much better eventhou, she still cant carry her handbag...what's more heavy items.

I shall make doa for her speedy recovery. Personally, i learn something from this what Aini said "within 5 minutes , my life turns topsy turvy......."

Let's ponder for awhile.........

[ It may well be that you dislike something in which Allah has placed a lot of good.]
(An-Nisaa' 4:19)

[It may be that you hate something when it is good for you and it may be that you love something when it is bad for you. Allah knows and you do not know.]
(Al-Baqarah 2:216)


أم ترافيس said...

ma shaa Allah sis, thank you for this reminder! May Allah make it easy for her, ameen :)

nor said...


thanks for yr doa..insya allah. ameen.