Thursday, March 22, 2007

Life is an Adventure ??

Some said dun pushed away your problems..have dreams and set goals in your life. I have hopes and i dun want to loose them . I want those hopes get fulfilled...that's gonna be one of the precious gift , ever !

The road to travel seems long and winding... the skies still a tad cloudy for now.
I want to hear birds chirping again and grasses grow green ...dark clouds dissappearing and sun could be seen.

Patience, is wat i need. Positive , is wat i want.

HE is there for me.

I believe, there is an appointed time to everything..time to live ..time to for joy ..time for sorrows.......list goes on & in everything there is a reason.

When nite falls , before i sleep...instead of counting sheeps , i shall count my blessings. ! :)


rheA said...

actually i do a lot of complaining everyday..yeah..but at the end of the day i rasa syukur bcos my life isnt that bad :)

pinkiecutepie said...

it's the best way to end the day with...counting our blessings. i see that you've started yr pebbles project....well done!!!

nor said...

i complained too...hehee but then i realised cannot complained too much ppl worst then i am.. :)

yup..the pebbles., still got lots more to paint..i need my creative juices.. :)

Butterflies said...

hey sis...

yeahhh. just being able to get up in the morning and have another chance to live is already a hugeeee blessing for us, ehx.

takecare sis :)


Mrs Beki said...

I've learnt something new today....

"There is one way that leads to HAPPINESS :
STOP being worried about the things BEYOND your CONTROL".

Just sharing with you.....

nor said...

u are rite..that's HUGE blessings.

Mrs Beki;
thanks for sharing my friend :)

Aishah said...

hugs to you. Hope the gloomy clouds have shifted.

nor said...

thanks...i really hope too.