Thursday, March 15, 2007

My hubby is in town this whole week...he's been doing his work online almost the whole day..everyday , hence , i dun have the chance to update my blog.

Now, that he's out for awhile..the pc is mine, again. *evil grin*
But somehow, im being hit by writer's blocked ! **duh**

Anyway, after months of not seeing them (u all know who u are) , finally we met, y'day. ! YaYness !! It's always nice to meet up with friends many things to catch up. So many lafters and
silly-ness to share..LoL
I had great time ! :)

ME... i dun really have many friends actually ..but I do have a few good friends , some great friends , handful of wonderful friends . :)
BUT i only have one best friend ! Yes ! we've been friends for almost 23 years . !Alhamdullillah...more years to come......
Insya allah!

Friends like these are rare , keep them with care .Value your friendships , cos, they are simply priceless !


mummy jam said...

alhamdullilah, dapat jugak kita berjumpa lagi....hopefully the next one should not be months away..

nor said...


yup, i guess the next one probably the jUne hols. ;)